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Relieve back pain in 4 - 6 sessions with AMP Lab, reducing the need for surgery.

Some studies have found that up to 80% of the population has suffered from back pain at some point in their lives. Just because many of us may have had back pain, it does not mean it is normal.

It can occur to anyone, regardless if you are active and sporty or whether you are sedentary and deskbound.

Understanding how your back works to support your daily activities and having a physiotherapist to identify habits that contribute to your back pain is essential in treating your back condition.

Causes of Back Pain

Neck Pain Treatment

The back is the most important part of the spine as it keeps you upright. It stabilises your entire upper body onto your lower limbs.

When an individual suffers from back pain, he/she may find it difficult to carry out daily activities like sitting, standing, bending forward or even simply finding a comfortable position to lie down and sleep. This can affect one’s ability to work, rest and do the things they enjoy such as sports or hobbies.

Causes of back pain involve the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, nerves) or the spine (disc, facet joints or vertebral body). The most common type of back pain is mechanical back pain, where stress is placed on the above mentioned structures during the course of movement or sustained position.


occurs when the disc in the lumbar spine dehydrates excessively and loses a significant amount of height. The space between the vertebrae is considerably reduced and may cause a pinched nerve inducing pain.


is the abnormal sideways (lateral) curvature of the spine which occurs most often during the growth spurt just before puberty. It only becomes a problem when it causes pain or breathing difficulty. It is important to address the problem early to prevent it from worsening.


involves stress or injury to the sciatic nerve which runs from your lower back all the way down to your leg. It can present as pain, numbness or weakness anywhere from the lower back to the foot. This can limit one’s mobility considerably as the pain can be sharp and intense, and easily triggered with the slightest movements.

Symptoms of Back Pain

Symptoms Of Neck Pain

Back pain differs across individuals due to varying lifestyles, postures, habits and fitness levels.

Some common back pain symptoms include:

Some red flags which require immediate medical attention include:

Treat Back Pain With Our Back Pain Specialist

Experience Neck Pain Treatment

AMP Lab provides detailed treatment to those who want relief from their back pain. Our sessions comprise of consultation, diagnosis, analysis and an individualised treatment plan that combine different therapeutic modalities and tailored exercises.

The First Session



We begin by conducting a physical examination to derive an accurate diagnosis, along with thoroughly obtaining your medical history where necessary.

In certain circumstances, imaging tests such as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan may be required to determine the extent of damage accumulated in the neck region. We can advise if and when a scan is needed in cases like these.

We will be there for you every step of the way to address any questions or concerns so that you understand your condition fully and propose the correct treatment.

Facet Joint Mobility

Manual Therapy

According to your condition, we will propose the right modalities and treatment methods to assist you in your health goals. This may include:

Spinal Physiotherapy Neck Pain

Dry needling stimulates underlying myofascial trigger points within the neck muscles and soft tissues to target affected tissues that are significantly deeper or do not respond effectively to physical manipulation or deep tissue massage.

Holistic Care From Specialist Physiotherapists

Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical treatment that promotes regeneration and repair processes in damaged tissues at the deepest cellular level.

Holistic And Personalised Journey To Healing

Joint Mobilisation

The physiotherapist carries out this technique of mobilisation to improve facet joint mobility and restore overall range of movement of the neck.

Facet Joint Mobility

Postural Correction

Postural correction begins with identifying the lifestyle factors that cause uneven and excessive loading on certain joints within the neck.

Postural re-education and ergonomics specific to your occupation, activities and hobbies will subsequently be advised to you.

The aim is to distribute the load more evenly throughout the joints. In this manner, excessive loading which leads to accelerated wear and tear at certain points is reduced, thus slowing down the rate of degeneration.

Manual Therapy

Physical Therapy

Finally, our physiotherapists will prescribe the appropriate rehabilitative exercises for your recovery. This will support the healing of your condition by strengthening the neck muscles and preventing relapse.

Following Treatment Sessions

Our physiotherapists will carry out a thorough consultation and examination each time you return for your follow-up session. Follow-up sessions are essential as they determine your progress, and any adjustment to the treatment will be rendered to progress you along your healing journey.

A pain-free life with AMP Lab

Neck Pain Relief

It is all too tempting to dismiss back pain as a minor annoyance and put off seeking timely treatment.

By dismissing the symptoms and carrying on without proper treatment in the early stages, your back issues can evolve into chronic persistent pain.

There’s no need to suffer any longer.

Get rid of back pain with AMP Lab today!


In-Depth Consultation

to diagnose and familiarise yourself with your condition (worth $195 )
Sports Physiotherapy Program

Personalised Manual Treatment

that treats neck pain right at the source (worth $90-100)


Custom Physiotherapeutic Exercises

to support your healing and strengthen your musculoskeletal system, inclusive of access to a fully-equipped gym and clinical pilates setup (worth $150)

Short Treatment Time

Short Treatment Time

4-8 sessions to relieve neck pain

Holistic And Personalised Journey To Healing

$195 - $410 per session

for a holistic and personalised journey to healing