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Our team of sports scientists and exercise physiologists designs a variety of exercise and sport science prorgammes to support your health and fitness goals. The designs are based on evidence-based practices to achieve the best possible training outcomes.

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Singapore Sports Injury Prevention Programme

The Ministry of Health encourages Singapore residents to engage in an active lifestyle that consists of recreational or competitive sports for health purposes. Sports injuries may happen due to physical contact such as a collision with another person, when the sport’s physical requirement is too much for the body’s fitness level. We can effectively prevent

Some of the common sports injuries that we treat are:

Sport injuries like sprains, strains, dislocations, and fractures requires physiotherapy and rehabilitation to ensure a safe return to sports. And in more serious cases, surgery is necessary.

Pain Relief For Knee Injury

Fortunately, modern sports medicine practices are incredibly effective in managing and treating sports injury Singapore. There is a higher percentage of safely returning the athlete back to sports when compared to the past. Patients often experience a full recovery with little to no side effects if they undergo the right treatment and rehabilitation programme.

But wouldn’t it be better to stay injury-free?

Prevention is better than cure, as they say!

So if you are looking to reduce the risk of sports injuries so as to stay in the game and prolong sports participation or competition, then starting a sports injury prevention programme is the next step for you.

Minimise the occurrence of preventable sports injuries

If you have existing conditions like back pain, knee pain or shoulder injuries, it can predispose you to a higher injury risk during sports participation. So it is necessary to consider a sports injury prevention programme if you play sports regularly or have sustained previous injuries that have yet to be resolved completely.

Our in-depth physical assessment and analysis allows us to identify any existing musculoskeletal or biomechanical issues that increase your sports injury risk. For example, an assessment may reveal an instability in the hips which places excessive and unnecessary load on the knee joint. This instability has to be corrected it before it manifests into something more serious.

Furthermore, the sports injury prevention programme are tailored to your exact requirements to ensure a successful outcome.

Proven sports medicine practices to boost health and fitness goals

AMP Lab’s exercise and sport science professionals design and conduct these training programmes by following an evidence-based framework. This framework takes into account your specific needs and limitations.

By applying personalised exercise programming, the risk of a non-contact sports injury can be decreased significantly and reduced by more than 20%.

Our mission is to support clients to stay injury-free and enjoy their sporting activities. For the more competitive individuals, they are able to discover their limits without the previous aches and pains!

We draw satisfaction from seeing our clients enjoy pain-free and productive exercise sessions with minimal injury risk. It is important also that our clients are able to have consistency in their exercise regime with minimal disruption due to an injury. Consistency is key to achieving health and fitness goals.

Singapore Sports Strength and Conditioning Programme

Do you want to enhance your physical performance in your favourite sport?

If you are a motivated athlete that is constantly looking to better your STRAVA records or technique, our sports science professionals will have you covered with our customised strength and conditioning programme. Many of us participate in sports to discover our limits and are looking for that marginal gain. A customised strength and conditioning programme is often the answer. That’s why professional elite athletes all have strength and conditioning coaches to complement their technical coaching. Train like the professionals and you will be on the right track to success.

The strength and conditioning programme focuses on enhancing the relevant muscular strength, endurance and power to meet the fitness requirements of your sport and bring you closer to the next personal best or goal. The programme is challenging but it is achievable if you are determined to find that marginal gains and is willing to do what is necessary.

In modern sports, strength and conditioning is an inevitable part of the performance cogwheel for an athlete. Follow what the modern professional athletes do, all of them prescribed to a strength and conditioning to complement their technical training.

Your sporting goals are just within reach with AMP Lab’s support.

Individualised programme grounded in evidence-based methods

AMP Lab’s training methods help our clients to achieve the best outcomes in the most efficient manner and since they are evidence-based, the outcomes are predictable and consistent with past results. The training methods are based on best practices supported by renowned sports medicine and sports science practitioners. Some of whom have worked with elite professional athletes.

These training methods could be adopted to increase stability, improve mobility, correct muscular imbalances or strengthen specific fitness components.

You can adopt new movement patterns and hone specialised skills with greater stability, strength and muscular coordination!

Peak Physical Performance

Sports-specific activities for enhanced performance

AMP Lab can give you an added edge in your sport with a tailored exercise programme. If you believe in marginal gains, then every percent of improvement counts.

At our set-up, you’ll have access to innovative exercise equipment. These equipment enhances training outcomes by tracking training parameters. This ensures that every training session’s objective is met and we are moving closer to our goals.

In fact, many of our clients report an improvement of more than 10% in activities such as jump height, agility and sprinting!

How We Support Our Clients

AMP Lab strives to provide a high level of care and support to our clients. and to those seeking effective exercise medicine with observable results.

Needs Analysis and Fitness Assessment

We begin by conducting exercise tests and physical fitness assessments to accurately determine your baseline and various fitness parameters. We will also analyse your movement patterns and exercise techniques to uncover factors that increases injury risk.

The test results will help us to identify your needs and customise your training programme.

Programme Design & Execution

The programme design follows a set of design principles that are evidence-based. This ensures effectiveness and sustainability. Some examples of the design principles are your individuality such as your training history and baseline. Each training programme goes through the same structured design process, whether it is for sports injuries prevention or to enhance your sporting prowess.

After we have confirmed on the specifics of the programme design, your training programme can commence!

Each session will be conducted under the close guidance of our strength and conditioning coach.

Mid and Post-Programme Review

We will conduct regular assessments and reviews to determine the programme progress and outcome.

These analyses and examinations are critical as they gives us data to help us to understand if we need to refine the programme to increase effectiveness or to continue with the present design. This objective assessments saves us time and resources by confirming the effectiveness of the programme with numbers.

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In-Depth Consultation

to determine the best programme structure for your needs
Sports Physiotherapy Program

Tailored to Your Inner Athlete

a programme structure personalised to your physical conditions and needs


Customised Physiotherapy Exercises

to support your healing and strengthen your musculoskeletal system, inclusive of access to a fully-equipped gym and clinical pilates setup

Intensive, Results-Based Regiment

Intensive, Results-based Regiment

12-16 weeks programme held twice weekly for consistency and an optimal training outcome.

Personalised Journey

$160 per session

for a holistic and personalised journey to reaching your health and fitness goals