Sports Massage in Singapore

Relieve muscle soreness and tension with AMP Lab's personalised sports massage therapy!

For those of us who exercise or play sports regularly, it is normal to experience frequent muscle soreness.

Our physiotherapy and sports massage therapy can relieve muscle soreness and improve your circulation, recharging you for the next workout, such as a round of golf on the green, a tennis match or a round the island (RTI) cycling session.

Singapore Pain Solutions: Deep Tissue Sports Therapy

We may experience excessive stiffness around our joints or within our muscles. This can pose an increased risk of injury due to poor mobility or overuse.

Such tight muscles can lead to further complications, such as neck pain or back pain, frequent aches, decreased range of joint motion, weakness, numbness and stiffness.

Reduce recovery time between workouts

Our sports massage at our sports clinic Singapore incorporates the application deep pressure, which improves circulation and promotes the flow of nutrients to your soft tissues. This can speed up your recovery from a workout or heavy training.

Clinical Sports Massage

Promote better blood circulation

Increased blood flow stimulates the body’s natural healing processes, getting rid of that soreness so you can feel your best sooner and return to your next training or play.

Sports Massages

Improve range of motion and flexibility

Scar tissue is a consequence of previous trauma or repetitive overuse injuries. Tightness from the rigid scar tissue may impair the muscles, tendons or ligaments’ functions.

Our sports massage in Singapore mobilises these connective tissues, ensuring that you maintain flexibility for your sporting moves.

Deep Tissue Massage

Non-invasive treatment tailored for you

Our personalised massage therapy is suitable for most people with tight and sore muscles and muscular imbalances.

Athletic individuals may best benefit from our sports massage to reduce the risk of injuries by speeding up the recovery process. This maximises their training and athletic performance between games or training sessions.

Sports Oil Massage Techniques

Experience fast relief from the very first session

Our massage therapists are experts in sports massage treatments; many of our patients report reduced muscle tension and increased flexibility after just one session!

Custom Sports Massage Designed

Certified experts in physiotherapy

Our registered physiotherapists and sports massage therapists are licensed and trained both locally and in Australia.

This allows us to propose a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you get the best 0f care with maximum results.

Get A Sports Massage

How We Support Our Patients

International Sports Science Association Sports Massage

AMP Lab provides premium sports massage therapy with a proven success rate to those seeking relief from chronic aches and muscular tension.

The First Session

We aim to support you every step of the way to address any questions or concerns so that you can understand your needs correctly.

Your sports massage therapist primarily focuses on the areas that are most prone to tension or injury. That might be your shoulders, arms, or legs, depending on your habits and the type of physical activity you usually engage in.

Following Sessions

Your recommended frequency for sports massage therapy may range from once a week to once or twice a month, depending on your lifestyle, training and exercise intensity.

Our consultation procedure will be repeated at each session in order to determine your progress, allowing us to adjust the treatment accordingly.

You will notice a difference immediately after each sports massage session. For compounded benefits, regular sports massage sessions will leave you with further significant and longer-lasting benefits.

Live Life Every Day Free From Pain with AMP Lab's Sports Massage in Singapore

Sports Massage Singapore

While your pain may start off mild and infrequent, ignoring it may cause more accumulation of tension within the muscles and cause you to be more susceptible to a sports injury or repetitive overuse injury.

Say goodbye to chronic pain with the soothing hands of our experts at AMP Lab!

Our sports massages provide a fast and non-invasive solution for anyone seeking improved mobility and relief from muscle soreness.


In-Depth Consultation

to diagnose and help you understand and familiarise your condition (worth $95 )

Intensive, Results-Based Regiment

Sports Massage Therapy

to increase range of motion, correct muscular imbalances, and boost muscle recovery and sports performance (worth $195)

Sports Physiotherapy Program

Short Treatment Time

4-8 sessions to say goodbye to chronic stiffness and sore muscles

Facet Joint Mobility

Only $160 per session

for a holistic and personalised journey to healing