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Meet the supporters of your health and fitness journey at our physiotherapy and sports clinic Singapore.

Etienne Ding

Etienne Ding

Exercise Physiologist / Sport Scientist

Cherie Tan

Cherie Tan

Principal Physiotherapist

About AMP Lab

AMP Lab started in 2009 and is among the first few to offer preventive health and conservative treatments. The treatments or interventions are administered by either an exercise physiologist, a sports scientist, or a physiotherapist in Singapore, depending on the client’s needs. Or, they could be administered by more than one practitioner under a single pathway.

Our mission is to get you moving and living life to the fullest. And we believe that we can do this through prescribing the right exercises and conservative treatments. Every client will be supported by a specialist on their health and fitness journey for the best outcome.
About Amp Lab

Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to be the leader and promoter in the practice of preventive health and conservative treatment to enhance mind and physical well-being.


Our mission is to get our clients moving and living life to the fullest. We want to encourage people to approach physical activity with a great attitude to improve mind and physical well-being. We support that by prescribing physiotherapy and exercise programmes based on scientific evidence and data with the aid of health technology. And we will always be client-centric because it is always more about you than us.

Corporate Social Responsibility2
Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community

We hold ourselves accountable for strengthening our workforce, enhancing the environmental sustainability of our operations and business activities, and making a meaningful impact on the health of our communities. For our CSR health programmes, AMP Lab partners with communities on innovative, sustainable, and equitable solutions to improve health.

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