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Say goodbye to chronic pain in 8 weeks or less with AMP Lab's high-quality physiotherapy treatment!

Physiotherapy has established itself as a respected field for its effectiveness in treatment, especially post-surgery rehabilitation.

We can help with your pain, whether it’s acute or chronic, intermittent or constant.

AMP Lab is committed to providing premium, bespoke treatment to alleviate your suffering.

Our modern physiotherapy and sports performance clinic in Singapore features a team of highly qualified, multidisciplinary experts to ensure you are in the safest of hands.

AMP Lab Physiotherapy Clinic Singapore

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The human body is an amazingly adaptable structure with a wide range of sophisticated components that work in tandem to keep everything running smoothly. Like a sophisticated machine, the human body requires preventive maintenance and specialised care by experts to perform at its maximum potential.

Just as you do not wait till your car breaks before you perform routine maintenance, the same logic applies to the human body through preventive physiotherapy. As such, you should seek preventive physical care and therapy before you begin to develop chronic pain or acute injury.

Physiotherapy aims to provide both preventive maintenance and healing to all musculoskeletal conditions, with or without existing pain.

Treat chronic pain without surgery or medication

Our physiotherapy treatments draw from evidence-based techniques and modalities and feature modern technological advancements in physiotherapy.

This ensures that your healing process progresses as efficiently as possible while addressing any underlying issues and preventing relapse.

Your physiotherapy treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and personal health goals, which includes a variety of pain management and manual therapy methods, such as clinical pilates, dry needling, deep tissue massage, shockwave therapy and more.

Non-invasive physiotherapy treatment tailored for you

AMP Lab is a team of health experts with diverse backgrounds, specialities and experiences. Together, we provide holistic treatments for our clients.

From their very first session, most patients report significant improvements.

Services we offer include:

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Our treatment targets a wide range of conditions such as knee pain, neck and back pain.

Pre-surgical and post-surgical rehabilitation

The success of your surgery and quick return to daily activities and sports depends on the rehabilitative treatment before and after surgery.

Geriatric physiotherapy

Ageing population rehabilitation requires specialised care centred around strengthening, balance training and preventing falls. AMP Lab treatment is tailored to individual elderly needs.

Home physiotherapy

When individuals are less mobile, at-home treatment is essential in providing early intervention. As rehab progresses, we provide more advanced care at the clinic to benefit from our rehab equipment and other facilities.

Sports science and performance

Aside from treating sports injuries, we also conduct focused strength and conditioning programmes, as well as performance coaching to meet your fitness or sporting goals.

Certified experts in physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists are licensed and registered to practise in Singapore and the UK.

AMP Lab promotes health through acute injury prevention and treatment, post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injury rehabilitation, chronic disease management, caregiver and patient education, and occupational health performance.

We will develop an accurate physiotherapy treatment plan according to your medically diagnosed condition.

This ensures that you receive the best 0f care with maximum results for a swift recovery!

How Our Physiotherapy Treatments Support Our Patients

Sports Physiotherapy Clinics

AMP Lab provides premium physiotherapy care with proven success.

Our comprehensive care comprises consultation, examination, diagnosis, and customised treatment plans.

The First Session



We begin by carrying out a physical examination to derive an accurate diagnosis with detailed history-taking of your medical and injury history to understand the contributing factors to your current condition.

We also perform certain specialised physiotherapy assessment tests to identify existing habits that could be inhibiting the full recovery of your injury or that could be causing your current symptoms.

We will be there for you every step of the way to address any questions or concerns so that you understand your condition and propose physiotherapy treatment correctly.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Next, according to your specific condition, our physical therapist will propose certain physiotherapy modalities to assist you in your health goals. This may include:

Postural Correction

Postural Correction

Postural correction begins with postural awareness. We help identify your lifestyle factors that cause uneven and excessive loading on certain joints, particularly those in the neck and lower back.

Next, postural re-education involving verbal, tactile and visual feedback is carried out. Following that, advice about proper posture and ergonomics specific to your occupation, environment, activities and hobbies.

This helps to redistribute the load more evenly throughout the joints, which reduces wear and tear, thus slowing down the rate of degeneration and preventing further injuries.

Sports Physiotherapy Program

Return to Work/Sports Physiotherapy Program

Finally, our physiotherapists will create the appropriate rehabilitative exercise prescription for you.

This is tailored to accommodate your needs according to your profession or preferred sports.

This will support the recovery of your condition by strengthening your musculoskeletal system and preventing relapse.

Follow-on Treatment Sessions

Our physiotherapists will carry out our consultation procedure each time you return for your follow-up sessions which is very important. This helps determine your progress and allows us to adjust our treatment accordingly to help you along your healing journey most effectively.

Enjoy your life to the fullest with AMP Lab's physiotherapy services!

Swift Recovery With Physiotherapy

Most people dismiss pain as a minor annoyance without seeking treatment.

Without proper physiotherapy treatment in the early stag however, old sports injuries can flare up, or your current condition can worsen.

There’s no need to suffer any longer.

Live a pain-free life with AMP Lab today!


In-Depth Consultation

to diagnose and familiarise yourself with your condition (worth $195 )

Sports Physiotherapy Program

Personalised Manual Treatment

that treats pain right at the source (worth $90-100)


Custom Physiotherapeutic Exercises

to support your healing and strengthen your musculoskeletal system, inclusive of access to a fully-equipped rehabilitation gym and unique physio pilates system (worth $150)

Short Treatment Time

Short Treatment Time

4-8 weeks to say goodbye to pain

Manual Therapy

$195 - $320 per session

for a holistic and personalised journey to healing